09 mm Orchid Club BWP 710 Gurjan Alternet Marin Plywood

Size (Sq ft) 6×4
Color Brown
Usage/Application Furniture
Wood Type MARIN 710
Core Material Gurjan
Weight 20 KG
Grade 710
Glue Used Phenol
Is It ISI Marked ISI Marked
Is It Water Resistant Yes
Is It Abrasion Proof Abrasion proof
Is It Sanded Not Sanded
Density HIGH
Screw Holding Strength Excellent
Moisture Content Yes
Warranty No
Pattern Regular
Preservative Treatment Yes
Product Code 15667
Surface Finish Gurjan Face
Fire Ressistance No
Country of Origin Made in India


MR plywood is commercial-grade plywood of exceptional internal strength. It is mostly used in the interiors of homes and offices. It can be used to make interior furniture such as kitchen rooftops, wall-mounted cabinets, file cabinets, doors, chairs, and tables. The moisture-resistant plywood grade has the highest internal density of all the plywood grades. As a result, it’s tough and resistant to warping and folding. This significantly extends the life of your furniture. Interior grade plywood is another name for MR plywood. Navkar is the best commercial plywood manufacturer in Gujarat.

Exceptional Benefits

Borer & Termite Resistant
10 Year Guarantee
Moisture Resistant
  • Orchid Club plywood is a MR ( Moisture Resistant ) grade product with a beautiful Gurjan face veneer, ensuring a high-quality finish.
  • The naturally rustic and smooth Gurjan face of this plywood contributes to cost-saving.
  • MR grade plywood is treated with moisture-resistant chemicals and glues during the  manufacturing process. this treatment helps protect the plywood from absorbing moisture, which could lead to warping, delamination, or fungal growth.
  • MR Grade Plywood is ideal for indoor furniture, cabinets, and wardrobes with occasional moisture exposure
  • Arudaca or Limda not use in this Hardwood Plywood
  • “Full thickness plywood” refers to plywood that has the standard or specified thickness without any reductions or modifications.
  • There is no complaint in using plywood, but there is no guarantee.


Additional Information:

  • Item Code: 15667
  • Production Capacity: 25000 sq ft
  • Delivery Time: Same Day
  • Packaging Details: Loose
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