8 Mm HDHMR Greenpanel MDF

Panel Wood Type MDF
Size 8X4
Thickness 8 MM
Usage/Application Residential
Surface Finish Matte
Shape Regular
Features superior protection against termites, virus, fungus and is borer proof.
Product Code 17090
Density High
Sound Reduction Varies Between No
Surface Treatment Yes
Water Proof Yes
Weight 25 kg
Country of Origin Made in India


MR plywood is commercial-grade plywood of exceptional internal strength. It is mostly used in the interiors of homes and offices. It can be used to make interior furniture such as kitchen rooftops, wall-mounted cabinets, file cabinets, doors, chairs, and tables. The moisture-resistant plywood grade has the highest internal density of all the plywood grades. As a result, it’s tough and resistant to warping and folding. This significantly extends the life of your furniture. Interior grade plywood is another name for MR plywood. Navkar is the best commercial plywood manufacturer in Gujarat.

Exceptional Benefits

Borer & Termite Resistant
10 Year Guarantee
Moisture Resistant

Greenpanel HDHMR, a revolutionary class of wood-based panel product that serves as an excellent substitute for local plywood. Designed to deliver exceptional performance, these high-density boards offer outstanding water resistance, durability, and dimensional stability.

Experience the benefits of Greenpanel HDHMR, as it provides superior protection against termites, virus, fungus and is borer proof.

With these advanced features, our boards ensure longevity and reliability for a wide range of applications.


Additional Information:

  • Item Code: 17090
  • Production Capacity: 5000 sq ft
  • Delivery Time: Same Day
  • Packaging Details: Loose
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